#002 – How to Start a Personal Brand in 2024 (The 4 Ps)

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Building a personal brand as a graphic designer is CRUCIAL in 2024. This episode dives deep into the world of personal branding with “The 4 Ps.” Think of it as your brand’s secret recipe – Product, Process, Position, and Presentation. I’ll walk you through each step of defining your products & services, nailing down your […]

Build a Company Not Just a Brand

What a lot of people really don’t know and where I believe most personal brands fail the most is the BUSINESS SIDE. Personal branding is not all lights, camera, action and being in the forefront. Personal branding is 10% talent and 90% BUSINESS. Case-in-point, what’s the name of your company? Do you have an LLC? […]

How I Became a Personal Brand and What Your Brand Can Do For You

My journey to being a personal brand I first heard the term personal branding in 2010, and I had no idea what it was or what it could do for me. Little did I know, several years later I would be a 3-time award-winning graphic designer, CEO of a branding agency, President of a non-profit […]