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The Web Designer’s Quick-Start Guide To Business

A Short Handbook On How To Turn Your Skills Into A Profitable Website Design Business

You’ll learn what design software you need, how to use messaging to create a personal brand, how to attract & sell to clients, and a step-by-step process to create better websites, faster. 

4 Steps to 5 Figures in Graphic & Web Design

Learn How Small Actions Can Create Massive Financial Success For Your Design Business (in 6 Months or Less)

I believe you shouldn’t live project-to-project, payment-to-payment and struggle to close new design deals. During a personal 6-month experiment, I learned exactly how to scale a design agency, get paid what I’m worth and escape the time-for-money trap. And, I wrote a book to teach you how as well.

Stuck In Neutral

How to Achieve Success by Living Life in Drive

A motivational-driven book based on Biblical principles that will teach you how to get your life out of neutral, maximize your gift and discover your true purpose–which all leads to happiness, wellness and riches.

Beginner's Guide to Music Theory

Beginner's Guide to Music Theory

Learn the Key Principles of Scales, Chords, Reading Sheet Music and How to Use Theory in Practice

Artistic Mind’s Complete Guide to Beginner Music Theory explains how to read sheet music, how to use formulas to build scales and chords and also gives helpful tips on how to implement Music Theory into everyday practicing. This book will teach the fundamentals of music theory to any individual who has no musical experience or background.