What if I told you there’s a secret sauce to making money as a web designer and having WEALTH?

…that you never have to stress over paying your bills or finding your next client.

In this episode, uncover my 8 EXPLOSIVE money-making strategies for web designers that’ll lead to a long profitable career.

Learn from a fellow designer who’s been there and cracked the money code.

Unleash your inner design G.O.A.T. and make 2024 your most profitable year yet!


2:33 – Have a job

4:05 – Move where the opportunities are

5:14 – Have freelance/retainer clients

5:40 – Website maintenance

8:44 – SEO services

10:55 – Website marketing

11:43 – Upwork

13:20 – Have multiple sources of income

15:17 – Final thoughts

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