I’m giving you 4 steps to build a powerful personal brand. This is for you if you want to use your expertise to build a personal brand or start a business, or if you already have a personal brand that you want to take to the next level and do it the right way. You can even use these 4 steps to reinvent yourself and start over. Enjoy and subscribe.

1:20 – Step #1 – Become self-aware
2:25 – Step #2 – Define your audience
4:32 – Step #3 – Write your positioning statement
6:27 – Step #4 – Create your visual brand

Mentioned in this episode:
• Episode 06: 3 Rs For Building a Dedicated Audience For Your Personal Brand: https://youtu.be/P0i6acUdmc4
• Self-awareness workbook: http://www.cortneyssargent.com/self-awareness-workbook

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