This Is What Helped Me to Stop Procrastinating…

In high school and college I was really into working out, lifting weights and exercising. Then… I got married. Lol! When I got married, my wife cooked every single night and needless to say I stopped working out. In our 5th year of marriage is when I really started gaining weight, particularly in the abdomen area. You, too? Yeah I know! Lol!

When I started gaining this unwanted and unneeded weight, not only did I notice it, but my wife started to notice as well. But, the difference is, she actually likes it. (that’s another post)

My problem has historically been inconsistency. I would work out for a few days and stop. I would set workout and exercise goals and never accomplish them. Then, I’d start feeling like a horrible person because I wasn’t making progress. And, the cycle would repeat.

Then I realized that I didn’t want it bad enough. I had to make up in my mind that if I want to change I have to put in the work.

So, here are the thoughts that have been getting me through my workouts:

“Cortney, if you keep doing the same thing that you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.”

I’m sure you’ve heard that saying before it doesn’t really hit home until it’s relative to something that’s going on in your personal life. And, for me it’s working out/exercise. I’ve always eaten sugary desserts because I thought, well I’m slim so it won’t hurt me. I’ve always started and stopped working out because I didn’t take it serious enough. Then one day I looked in the mirror and seriously didn’t like what I saw.

To get me through the actual workouts, I’ve been telling myself:

“Push until you can’t push anymore. Is that really the last one you can do, or do you have more? Work until you can’t work anymore! Cortney, you gotta keep pushing because you gotta change. If you want results you have to push yourself past your comfort zone. Push until you absolutely can’t do another single rep.”

Those very thoughts have gotten me through my home workouts and to stop procrastinating. I hope you can take what encouraged me and use apply it to whatever area of your personal life you’re struggling with.

Hope that helps. Thanks for reading and watching.

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