Se2Ep3 – The Sargents’ first family vacation to Panama City Beach, FL

Cortney, Christian and the baby take their first family vacation road trip to Panama City Beach, FL. After returning home from vacation, Cortney and Christian meet with a personal trainer to consult about a husband & wife exercise routine. Cortney’s game for it, but Christian takes some convincing.

Se2Ep1 – Coconut Chanel, burned dinner roll & expensive baby outfit

The Sargents show how important it is for families to spend quality time together, all while trying to juggle their busy day-to-day schedule with a new baby. They also prepare for the upcoming christening; and Cortney struggles with Christian’s desire to purchase an expensive baby onesie.

Baby Cortney Is Finally Here – S1/Ep8 (SEASON FINALE)

The time has come and the baby has made his debut. Cortney Jeremiah Sargent was born May 7, 2015 at 12:01pm in Tupelo, MS at the NMMC Women’s Hospital. He was 6lbs 5oz and 19″ long. Celebrate life with Cortney and Christian in this final episode of Season 1.

Why Cortney and Christian Changed Their Last Name – S1/Ep7

From Cortney: I was born and will always be a Westbrook, which is my mother’s maiden name. However, by paternity I am a Sargent. In efforts to honor my father and carry on his family legacy, I have legally changed my last name to Sargent. Henceforth, my name is Cortney Sherrod Sargent.
P.S. I still love my Westbrook family; absolutely no love lost!

Christian’s Glucose Test at the OBGYN – S1/Ep4

On the way to the doctor’s office, Cortney and Christian talk about how thankful and humble they are for the love and support of family and friends during the pregnancy. This visit to the OBGYN Christian has to take a glucose (sugar) test that may lead to her vomiting in the doctor’s office. Be sure to watch the actual footage where she drinks the syrup in episode 5!

Christian Sniffs the Air and Does Our Taxes in Office Max

After work Cortney and Christian went to Office Max to pick up some print items, but “you-know-who” couldn’t focus because she was too busy sniffing the air. She then goes on to do their taxes on a calculator that doesn’t work!

Encouragement & Motivation from Cortney

Cortney gives some encouragement for those people who are feeling sad, depressed and misplaced. Whatever you’re going through, God is always there, so you’re never alone.