Do LESS More Effectively


You’ve heard the saying that “less is more”. Well that could be true but there are some requirements and prerequisites. First, let me say this, sometimes we take that saying and use it as an excuse why you’re not doing something or why you don’t want to do something. For me, it was exercise. I made up in my mind that instead of exercising 7 days a week, I would only get in 3 good days of workouts. Less is more right? Instead of stressing about trying to workout every day, I would only try to do 3 days. But, the problem with that logic was that I used that as an excuse why I didn’t want to workout every day; I wasn’t even doing LESS right. I didn’t even fully commit to doing the 3 days of workouts.

Less only is more only when it is done right – with efficiency and sufficiency. You can do something with the less is more in mind, but if you don’t do it right, it’s in vain. If it’s not done with sufficient effort and drive, you’re wasting your time. Everything that you do should be done to the best of your ability. Don’t slack off just because you’re doing less; you should actually give even more.


Entrepreneurs always want to do less work and be more productive. Well that only works if you’re doing the right thing. First of all, you can’t expect to get great results with little effort. People want to be successful but don’t want to put in the man-hours it takes to get there. People want success but don’t want to make the necessary sacrifices to get there. People want success but don’t want to make the required personal character adjustments to reach success. You can’t expect to have something that you didn’t earn.


I often see posts and hear people talk about becoming wealthy in a short amount of time, getting rich from working at home for 2 hours. I’ve seen people post screenshots saying they earned $12,352.12 in a matter of hours. I’m not saying they’re lying but what I am saying is that there’s no way that you can put in $50 work effort and get $12,000 results. It just doesn’t work that way. Now being gifted and talented at something is different. I’m gifted at graphic design. I can design a logo in 45 minutes and $250. But, you better believe I’m gonna put everything that I have into that logo design. It’s not strenuous work because I’m gifted at it; I’ve done it long enough that it doesn’t take long to do. My point in saying all of that is that you must put forth the work and effort to get the results you want. There are no get rich quick strategies– if there were I would know about them. There are no shortcuts to success– if there were I would’ve already taken them and told you about them. If you’re going to do less, make sure that you take more time and put in more effort to making it excellent.


Don’t be guilty of having the mindset that says: Just because I’m not doing as much I can give less effort. Just because I’m doing less, what I’m doing is less important. That’s wrong! Just because you’re doing less, doesn’t mean it’s not important. Sometimes the less is more important than the more. Just because you’re the janitor at the company doesn’t mean you have less value to the company than the CEO. Sure the CEO has greater responsibilities but if he doesn’t have someone to clean the bathrooms and empty his office garbage can, the bathrooms would be musty and his office would look like a pig pin. You are important!

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