Cortney Sargent

Why Cortney and Christian Changed Their Last Name – S1/Ep7

From Cortney: I was born and will always be a Westbrook, which is my mother’s maiden name. However, by paternity I am a Sargent. In efforts to honor my father and carry on his family legacy, I have legally changed my last name to Sargent. Henceforth, my name is Cortney Sherrod Sargent.
P.S. I still love my Westbrook family; absolutely no love lost!

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Christian’s Glucose Test at the OBGYN – S1/Ep4

On the way to the doctor’s office, Cortney and Christian talk about how thankful and humble they are for the love and support of family and friends during the pregnancy. This visit to the OBGYN Christian has to take a glucose (sugar) test that may lead to her vomiting in the doctor’s office. Be sure to watch the actual footage where she drinks the syrup in episode 5!

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Shop ‘Til Cortney Drops – Part 1 – S1/Ep1

Cortney and Christian have a day out on the town to go shopping for maternity and baby clothes. Christian loves to shop and Cortney just hates shopping altogether. Can he make it through the day without passing out? You have to watch episode 2 to find out…stay tuned.

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