21 Questions That Will Change Your Life

These 21 thought-provoking questions will change your life if you honestly and transparently look inside of yourself. The key is to be bold enough and decide to take action on what you see.

  1. What is it that is keeping you from being great?
  2. What area of your life are you not giving all of your effort to?
  3. What are you not doing that you know you should be doing? And, why? For most people, there is only for a few years of life when you’re trying to figure out what to do with your life. The rest of your life is the real challenge…actually doing it. When you do what you know you’re supposed to do, your life can go to another whole level.
  4. What are the small foxes that are hindering your progress? When you’re faithful over the small things, you will find that the bigger things that you’re striving to accomplish, actually comes easy. Be faithful over the few…
  5. What is your purpose and are you fulfilling it? Your purpose is the reason you were put on this earth. When you pursue purpose, you discover success.
  6. What is your gift and are you using it? You gift is the tool that will help you fulfill your purpose. It’s what you the absolute best with the least amount of effort.
  7. What are your values? Write down the 3 most important aspects of each of these areas in your life: personal development, family, relationships, work, health and spirituality. These are your values.
  8. Are your “shoulds” and “wants” getting in the way? The desires of our ego are often in conflict with the values of our heart. If we allow what we think we SHOULD do and what we WANT get in the way of what’s actually right, that will lead to destruction.
  9. What did I learn today? Who did I help? What made me laugh? Ask yourself these 3 questions at the end of each day to help you maintain clarity in your life.
  10. How can I make today better than yesterday?
  11. Am I over my past? Yes, the past happened, but it can’t be changed so get over it. It may be difficult to do, but you have to make the most of what’s in front of you– the opportunities, people and moments.
  12. What company do I keep? Birds of a feather flock together. You are the company you keep. It’s impossible to consistently hang around someone and one person not change the other. Are you changing them, or are they changing you?
  13. If you weren’t afraid what would you attempt? If you knew you would be succeed, what would you do? Whatever that is, go do it! The only limits and boundaries to success that exist are the ones you create.
  14. If I were dying, would I worry about this? So often and so easily we lose perspective on what’s important in life. We allow so many small unimportant things consume our attention and life. We’re all dying. The older we get, the closer to the end of life we become. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of this in order to enjoy living.
  15. Have I forgiven all the people who hurt me?
  16. Have I asked for forgiveness from all of the people that I hurt? Things happen. People hurt us and we hurt people. That’s a part of being human. But learn to forgive and don’t hold grudges. You can’t move forward in life if you don’t.
  17. What’s your WHY? Why do you do what you do? If your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough. If your why isn’t big enough, you’ll always use the what and how as an excuse to failure.
  18. Who did you make better today?
  19. What legacy do you want to leave for the generations to come?
  20. What do you want people to remember about you when you die?
  21. What would Jesus do? This may sound cliché, but it is a serious question we should ask ourselves because Jesus was the epitome of a perfect human.

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