UnStuck Seminar – What Are You Waiting On To Be Successful?


This seminar will motivate and inspire you to put your gifts and talents to use for the advancement of your life. You say you want to be successful, but what are you doing with your talents to reach success? What are you doing today that will drive you towards accomplishing your goals tomorrow?

Listen to this seminar and REIGNITE the fire inside of you that’s been out, causing you to sit, sour and eventually smell, causing your life to be in a state of paralysis. It’s GUARANTEED that after this seminar, you’ll be ready to use every gift and talent you have to take your life from where you are to where it should be on God’s timeline.

What You Will Learn:

  • What it means and doesn’t mean to wait on God
  • Importance of being on track with God’s timeline for your life
  • Importance of change and how transforming into You2.0 changes your life
  • The 3 steps of stuck and how to avoid them in your pursuit of purpose


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