I’m Cortney

Design Entrepreneur. Author. Mentor.

I help web designers create a profitable design business so they can have more time and love what they do.

Let's Make It
Better By Going
Up Together

I help UI/UX & web designers create profitable businesses and love what they do.

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4 Steps to 5 Figures Masterclass

The Web Designer's Quick-Start Guide to Business

Jumpstart Your Brand Online Course

Are you struggling to start or grow your design business?

If you’re like most designers, you didn’t learn anything about business–only design–which leaves you:

I believe you can have a profitable design business without being chained to your computer, and instead, have freedom to do what you love, have more time, and never stress about money.


4 Steps to 5 Figures

A masterclass outlining the only 4 strategies you need to generate $10,000 or more with your design skills in 90 days or less.

Brand identity Checklist

Learn the 12 things you need to make your brand stand out and look more professional when getting starting or hitting REFRESH on your digital business.

Master the 6 Pillars of a Paradise Brand

to Increase Your Income & Influence

Get to know yourself as it relates to your personal brand in order to identify and hone in on your strengths, skills, and gifts and how they will serve you in your business.


Write your brand messaging framework that speaks the language of your audience and communicates your value-add with clarity.

brand identity
Lock in your brand identity system for your visual theme, font, logo, colors, and design elements–all to create a consistent look & feel.

Optimize your website or sales page to convert more visitors into customers. Or, create a website from scratch that captivates and converts!


Create professional videos that tell your story, level up your brand and increase your impact, influence and income (without the headache).

Graphic Design

Create on-brand graphics that convert faster, easier and with a strategy that brings back the fun to content creation.

Are You Ready to Create Your Paradise Brand?

I'm Cortney

“The People’s Entrepreneur”

Hey, I’m Cortney–a serial entrepreneur, podcast host, CEO of an international design agency, and COO of Vicky Cakes—America’s 1st Black-owned pancake mix in national retail.

I love to help entrepreneurs and marketers build what I call “Paradise brands”. By improving their visuals and website, they can increase their income and influence.

My life’s motto is “let’s make it better by going up together”, because the best thing about the journey to the top is helping someone along the way.

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